Larimar, Iolite and Blue Topaz Silver and Gold Necklace

Larimar, Iolite and Blue Topaz Silver and Gold Necklace
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Exquisite, one of a kind, Sterling Silver and Gold Plated Pendant hung on a 16" black choker with a 2" extension chain.

This necklace features an absolutely stunning Larimar centerpiece and is complimented by a faceted Iolite and several Blue Topaz. 

This entire piece of jewellery was designed to highlight the beauty of these stones. 

Larimar is a beautiful blue and white silicate mineral formed over 100 million years ago. It is reputed to aid communication.

Iolite, known as the Vikings' compass, used to navigate the seas, is a gem variety of the mineral Cordierite. Helpful to those who wish to restore order to a chaotic life!

Topaz gemstones come in a variety of colours, the clear blue being one of the rarer shades. Blue Topaz inspires creativity in a calm and peaceful way.

Please note that because all of our Semiprecious Stones, Abalone, Pearl and Mother of Pearl are organic gifts from Mother Nature each piece is individual and will vary slightly from our photo. We hope you will love them like we do❣️

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